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Cheat: Go to an internet cafe and type in, then go to women seeking men. The exit and the time shown above the radar is your dating time.There you find party girl Lancaster in the list that is displayed. By dating Alex you get the benefit of a 50% discount for whatever clothes you buy from any store! Available : After "Babysitting" For the price of 000 Bat - Obviously these things aren't going to be the strongest in the world, but they are useful in melee, just not anything else. " For the price of Knife - A pretty good weapon in melee, but like the bat, its useless in a gun fight. " Price: N/A Molotov - I really like this, weapon, it's pretty much a petrol bomb, but it's really good for dealing with multiple people if you throw it at the floor and you will be protected by a line of fire, careful about yourself though. ********* * Driving * ********* Ok, so your making your way to the mansion, driving is no big, it just takes time to get used to and find the best way for you. Now you have to follow the yellow line, but don't follow it exactly, you'll end up getting in a bad habit. Terrorism, crossing the bridges will result in a 6 star wanted level. I would advise getting the one man army achievment or trophy before you unlock all the islands. Don't expect anything great from close range combat except death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you enjoy the guide!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o----------------------o | | | 1. The Cousin's Bellic | | | Reward: | Given By: Niko | | | o----------------------o Fun *** Legnth ** Difficulty ** You are introduced to your main chracter, Niko, and your cousin, Roman, keep him close, he will serve you well. A normal mission, not that fun but its not hard at all. ********** * Cutscene * ********** After watching Niko getting off a boat, you will meet your more than happy cousin, Roman, now, he will ask you to drive him home, since he is heavily drunk. Roman will also take the liberty to tell you why the bridges to the other islands are blocked off. ********* * Waiting * ********* Just before Roman enters the club, he will give you your phone, have a play around with it, it's going to be with you until the end of the game.

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All for One Tips: (Cops) Goal: Kill the boss before he gets to the getaway vehicle. Rather than trying to fight them head on, go to the getaway vehicle and wait there.

Available : After "Luck of the Irish" For the price of 00 RPG - RPG's are the best weapon in the game. However, with great power comes great responsibility and a huge hole in your wallet. To brake, press A on xbox, X on Playstation or R1/RB or L2/LT (reverse).