Carbon 14 dating price

24-Feb-2018 12:57

The method is based on the theory that every living organism contains a small but constant proportion of this radioactive carbon isotope.

When the organism dies the C-14 is no longer replaced and that which remains decays at a constant rate.

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These prices include sampling, chemical pre-treatment, stable carbon isotope and AMS isotope measurement for samples relevant to research in Archaeology or Environmental Science.

We will also give advice on the choice of samples for dating and help in the calibration and analysis of dates in context.

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Carbon dating determines the age of archaeological objects, or how long ago a creature died, by measuring the amount of Carbon -14 remaining inside.

Radio-carbon dating can only be effectively used on materials which once formed part of a living organism, which means that materials such as stone and metal can’t usually be directly dated in this way.

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