Dating a peavey amp

06-Oct-2018 21:31

High-end tube instrument amplifiers have survived as one of few exceptions, because of the sound quality.Typically, one or more dual Rear view of a tube (valve) combo guitar amplifier.In addition to a 1/4" input jack, acoustic guitar amplifiers typically have an additional input jack for a is not often provided on general-use amps, restricting the choice of microphones for use with these inputs.However, for high-end acoustic amplifiers, phantom power is often provided, so that musicians can use condenser microphones.Semiconductors are very heat-sensitive by comparison and this fact usually leads to compromises in solid-state amplifier designs. While solid-state devices are also replaceable, it is usually a much more involved process (i.e.having the amplifier tested by a professional, removing the faulty component, and replacing it).Amplifiers with processors and software can emulate the basic tone of a classic amp anywhere from poorly to well, but the full response of these amplifiers may not feel the same to a player as the digital modeling does not accurately reproduce all aspects of a tube amplifier.applications until the 1970s, when semiconductors (transistors) started taking over for performance and economic reasons, including heat and weight reduction, and improved reliability.

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Amp heads may also have the different types of input and output jacks listed above in the combo section.

Some modern amplifiers use a mixture of tube and solid-state technologies.