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This type of post can be your take on stories in the news, popular opinion, or someone else’s blog post. Controversy sells, but be prepared for any potential criticism that may accompany it. Recap posts Any and every event you observe, attend, facilitate, or participate in is fair game. Recap what you learned from a personal coach or mentor. Recap what you’ve learned about traveling – good and bad. Opinions, rebuttals, trends, debates, and predictions Agree, disagree, question, challenge, predict, share your point of view. When they do, spin them to be entertaining or inspirational. Recap a conference or a specific conference session. A list of questions readers should ask before they ___________ (fill in the blank). The pre-publishing, pre-move, or pre-back-to-school checklist you swear by. Include surveys, polls, and statistics that you’ve uncovered, or even include surveys and polls in your article for your readers’ response. Link to a news article and share your opinion about current events. Link to another blog post and offer additional info, or continue the discussion. Pose a question, comment, or scenario designed to inspire debate. Does giving away stuff on your blog work to increase subscribers or readership? Of course, recaps that venture beyond issues your readership has a direct interest in will probably fall under the heading of personal essays. Compare one or two and cite differences, benefits, delights, and disappointments. Reviews Provide your commentary/opinion about anything you’ve purchased and used, observed, read, or participated in. Interview ordinary people who have mastered a specific skill. Interview vendors who can explain their product or provide tips for its use. Interview someone with an interesting position/opinion.

If you’re an author, generate a series of articles that explore non-fiction topics you write about in your fictional work. If you tried something new and wrote about it on your blog a while back, update readers and let them know the results. True stories that would make great novel plots – but maybe not if you’re going to use them! Link to inspiring TED talks and share your takeaway. Infographics are hot on nearly every social media platform and I hear they get a higher percentage of shares than a regular post (especially on Pinterest, duh.) And okay, I have tried to use one of the free online tools designed to create an infographic, but my efforts bombed. Your readers will be grateful if you can solve a problem for them and/or save them time. How to make a killer cocktail – or enchilada, or vegan meal, or homemade dog food. How, where, and why an author writes may not grab readers’ attention anymore, unless it’s a famous someone (hey, good idea). Find a way to make your interviews fresh and compelling. Interview readers and/or highlight typical readers/visitors to your blog. What inspires you, or what makes you crazy (no rants). Share a goal and outline how you plan to achieve it. Regrets and how you’ll avoid them again – funny or inspiring only! Write the eulogy you aspire to be read at your funeral. Write a letter to your child to read after you’re gone.

General interest posts This is the catch-all category.

I threw in a few links to other resources in case you want more. Your favorite (or most-viewed, or a group of related) posts from your blog. Who to follow on Twitter (Facebook, Pinterest, whatever) – and why. Go ahead and tell the story about how you gave yourself a black eye with your knee while jumping on the bed (yeah, that was me) …

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