Is iu and eunhyuk dating proper dating site etiquette

15-Jan-2018 11:57

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The image has certainly caused uproar not only in South Korea, but internationally as well.

Many fans have been disheartened by this, crying out disapproval at being deceived and having their hearts broken; while others are encouraging but would like to know what a shirtless Eunhyuk signifies.

The thrust of it is that IU has been in a ton of scandals where she demonstrated an alleged poor attitude but the public has covered up for her because of an innocent image that she sold to everybody.

Basically, they’re mad because IU supposedly gets away with so much.

Not the first time that a popular artist has been at the centre of controversy and certainly not the last.

Many K-pop singers are forbidden by their agencies to date, leading to secrecy and back ally dating, which clearly is deplorable.

It all sort of torpedoes their own allegations that she was never examined under the microscope for these alleged infractions or that she got away without consequence. But regardless of the inherent hypocrisy of their IU witch-hunt, the actual reality is worse for them.For a statement, LOEN Entertainment spoke up with what most netizens speculate as to be a lie and said IU was just ill and Eunhyuk appeared in her dorm to help her, however, the fact that Eunhyuk's shirt is off, they are visibly in a bed and even though of the lack of perspiration on their skin, it's obvious that they were doing more than just helping a poor and ill woman.It was somewhat planned, they had sex and IU is far from innocent.Neither is the fact that this all came from Pann, home of the upset fangirls ranting randomly with convoluted and selective memory essays. (Besides everybody else.) In conclusion, just accept that IU is evil.

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And you know these people are deluded when they get to the point where the crux of this issue is that they’re seriously claiming that a female idol hasn’t been put under enough scrutiny and blamed enough compared to a male idol (you know, like there’s already more actual evidence of i KON bullying than T-ara bullying yet one is allowed to thrive and the other was buried … If you’re like me, then you’ve noticed an annoying amount of IU hate since it was announced she was dating Jang Kiha.

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