Post divorce dating transition a dating and social networking website

26-Jun-2018 04:06

I am married now, but I had to date about 30 different woman before I found my current wife. I am glad a didn't settle and you shouldn't either.

I've been divorced 2.5 years and have dated about a dozen women during that time, but only one for longer than 4 or 5 dates.

They are worse perverts then we could ever be and that is wonderful.

BUT, they are all a bit nuts, some more than others.

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No matter what direction life takes us, we will deal with who we date on a non-needy basis. I also know now what I know now, but still find there's a lot to figure out..example - one of the girls I went out with a couple of times decided to "stop dating for a while" due to being so busy.Just have fun and dont pressure yourself into having to shag em all or have a big long term relationship with each one you do manage to shag.Be picky, there is a ton of em out there, and they want you more than you will ever need them. there is more to life and a partner than a fine piece of Divorce has a way of doing that.One was on the procreation mission (not), and one is on the recent post-divorce bubble and I am letting her call me.

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One was very disappointed that I do not drink (no party girls for me, tyvm).

I have only one friend from online (not local) and we chat regularly but I haven't "met" her.

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