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The current school was built in 1953, with an addition completed in 1985.Eight school buses were overturned by the storm, and a township police car and fire command vehicle tossed by the twister came to rest on the school grounds.Tornado warnings were issued overnight in Lucas, northern Wood, Ottawa and northern Monroe County. Saturday severe thunderstorms with rotations capable of spawning tornadoes roared eastward through the region.A second wave of the storm came through a few hours later. Oak Openings Preserve Metropark in western Lucas County is closed until further notice because of hundreds of downed trees from the overnight severe weather.The fire vehicle reportedly was driven by a fire department volunteer who came across five people in a car on State Rt. He escorted them to safety in a downstairs corridor at the high school shortly before the tornado hit.Lake Township authorities were riding in a helicopter Sunday morning surveying the damage.

Consumers Power in Michigan reported 475 customers without electricity in southern Monroe County. 795, between Oregon Road and the Wood/Ottawa county. Just before 1 a.m., an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper was looking the vehicle over and taking photos.The school was heavily damaged during the storms and had to postpone its graduation from Sunday.“They don't make families any better than the Kranzes. A state of emergency has been declared in Monroe County and the county Emergency Operations Center has been activated. Monroe County authorities also reported minor damage at the Fermi 2 nuclear power station in Frenchtown Township.The parents are terrific, the kids are terrific, it's a loss to our school family and to our community because Ted was an absolutely outstanding man who was devoted to his family, supported our community, supported our schools,” said Jim Witt, Lake superintendent. Wind damaged an exterior wall at the plant, causing the reactor to shut down automatically.Two waves of storms slammed northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan late Saturday and early Sunday, spawning at least two tornadoes, killing seven people, including a child, and canceling two high school graduations. Most people had a chance to have warning, thankfully, and that's why even with all this destruction the loss of lives was held to a minimum." Tornado touchdowns were confirmed for p.m. Because that house has no basement, they fled to a neighbor's across the street, and heard the stereotypical tornado noise just as they got to the front door."We heard a freight train coming, and we knew it was a tornado," she said. The storms erupted late Saturday along a cold front dividing warm, humid air over Ohio with cooler, dryer air over Michigan, Mr. The front stretched from Lake Erie across northwest Ohio and northern Indiana into Illinois, and a low-pressure storm center formed along it."As it tracked through the area, it intensified pretty quickly," he said.

One of the people who was killed was Ted Kranz, 46, of Millbury, the father of Katie Kranz, the high school valedictorian at Lake High School. And the students could not have been replaced."The governor said 50 homes were destroyed and 50 more were damaged."It's a very traumatic occurrence here that has happened. The storm contained pronounced wind shears — strong winds blowing in different directions at different altitudes — that were conducive to tornado development. 23 ramps at M-50 in Dundee are closed, and westbound M-50 is barricaded at Dixon Road.Three homes were demolished in Millbury and about a dozen were damaged in Lake Township.