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09-Sep-2017 12:14

I believe journalists should stop using the word “tweet” to describe the tweets that Mr. Now that he is President-elect, his tweets carry far more significance than just the off-the cuff rants of an impulsive campaigner, as was often the way they were characterized in the past year. If It would be interesting to see a new Time Capsule series focused on one issue: who in the media is vying to be the next Judith Miller and Matt Cooper.Calling these soon-to-be-presidential statements “tweets” only reinforces the tendency to not take his comments so seriously. Both of these individuals were totally played by the GW Bush administration and wittingly played along for their own career success. Sadly, I have no doubt that a new generation of reporters have no concern for truth or hard investigative work. Not to mention all the financially focused, false-news web sources that have exploded in number.By the way, I also think that the press should aggressively confront the Trump transition team and Congressional supporters about Trump’s conspiracy theories and outrageous lying.What do Pence, Ryan, Mc Connell, et al., think about his conspiracy theories and outrageous lies?Many of these stories pop up and then fade away with the next news cycle (usually brought on by whatever new inane thing Trump has tweeted), so it seems to me like nothing really sticks: he is The Teflon Donald.He peddles paranoid conspiracies with a pathological persistence, and when journalists do their job, he hits back with claims of a “biased”, “rigged”, “phony”, “failing” media. In the spirit of your own blogging, in addition to using the words Lie and False and Cruel and Amoral, etc., when they fit, please use the word Propaganda.

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I also found an article from Great blogging from Fallows and your readers on how the media can deal with Trump.

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