Updating a gold frame Free sex dating uk no credit card

13-Feb-2018 13:46

I love vintage ornate frames and I love how mirrors reflect light to make a room seem larger.I’ve updated a few mirrors myself; there are many options for making over a mirror or its frame!Paint and spray paint are the best options for quick and dramatic results!The frame project started with my bedroom makeover a few months ago. Plus I’ve updated a few pieces of artwork, but even if you do a direct comparison it makes all of the artwork look better and frankly higher end.

Next I simply painted on both sides with two coats of my Rust-Oleam Metallic Flat Soft Iron Spray Paint. I’ve been working on simplifying the color palettes in the rooms in our house, and I found myself staring at this wall in our kitchen with an old brassy mirror and black sconces. First, I placed the mirror onto some butcher paper on the floor of my garage.