Updating sony gps the dating loft

14-Oct-2017 01:48

Again the next version of beta units will have caching enabled.

The maps can also be downloaded using Wi Fi within the unit.

If you’re looking for the quick and dirty overview of the Karoo, dive into my hands-on video below, which covers all the basics of using the system from setting up sensors to configuring data pages and routing.

Though, the video does lack a proper intro, as there was a disconnect between my brain and the recording button on my camera. With that, let’s dive into the tech details within the textual landscape of this post…You Tube be damned!

It’s amazingly easy (as seen in detail in my video above), and really just so much more efficient than manually trying to do it via long addresses on a Garmin Edge unit.

You can setup multiple bike/activity profiles (which in this case was utilized for multiple demo users), allowing you to save those data field configurations in the same way you would on a Garmin Edge device.Here’s how one of those more complex data pages I setup looks: Of course, the real meat of the Hammerhead solution is their navigation platform.