Validating dates in rails

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The train ran breathtakingly close to the scenic river, passing the rapids and islands and the colourful autumn forests.It dropped tourists on the main street of Wakefield and brought them back to the city later.But with the Chelsea track being taken out that would leave about 4.5 kilometres of track in Wakefield — probably not enough to attract an investor.“Most of the people who were interested in running wanted to go to Chelsea and back because you get more of the river.It’s a no-brainer, really.”Last September, the municipality of La Pêche suggested bringing the train to Wakefield just to leave it on display for the heritage value.Shana Hedges owns Les Trois Érables, a B and B in Wakefield.“The rails-to-trails idea is a great one,” she said.“On a personal level and on a business level, it would be very nice to have bicycle trails and walking trails and be able to connect the villages in a nice, peaceful, way.”She wants a safe trail to cycle to the post office, “because I’m taking my life in my hands on Riverside Drive,” she said. but it’s not there any more,” she said.“You are going to have little kids who are able to ride their bikes to their friend’s house. ”But if the train tracks disappear, it doesn’t mean their engineering problems will be left behind. I’m sorry to lose the train; I love the sound of the whistle.But the economics just don’t make sense,” she said.

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Rails began the transaction of creating a new record but for some reason it couldn't do it. The validation method intervened before the record was saved. (0.2ms) begin transaction SQL (11.2ms) INSERT INTO "products" ("created_at", "expiration_date", "in_stock", "name", "price", "updated_at", "weight") VALUES (?

) "created_at", Sun, UTC ], ["expiration_date", nil], ["in_stock", nil], ["name", nil], ["price", nil], ["updated_at", Sun, UTC ], ["weight", nil (2.6ms) commit transaction = object!