Verizon updating you phone dating dead men

31-Oct-2018 00:09

They added that if an OTA update they pushed caused device performance issues, they would work closely with the customer to replace the device under the terms of the original purchase warranty.Verizon has made some big changes to how it sells wireless service. On Friday, Verizon said it would eliminate its long-standing practice of signing customers up for long-term service contracts and offering subsidies to blunt the high cost of smartphones.And so, readers have asked us, is there anything to be done other than dumping a few hundred dollars into a replacement for a broken item that was someone else’s fault?The problem is lopsided, and affects Android users most heavily.T-Mobile shed its contracts two years ago, while the other carriers have been gradually moving away.

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Rarely, an update even bricks a device entirely, and someone is left with an expensive electronic paperweight.

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint (among others) are, and they do it (or don’t) in their own time and in their own ways.

So if an over-the-air (OTA) update from your carrier does have an adverse effect on your phone, what can you do?

If it’s more than a year old, you might need to push gently.

One reader wrote to Consumerist about a 2013 Asus Nexus 7 tablet that bricked after the Android 5 update this year; after “a polite email to Asus,” he told us, he escalated within customer service and was able to have his tablet repaired as if still under warranty.Apple’s control-freak attitude toward every single element of the i OS chain is an advantage when it comes to pushing updates or fixes: everyone gets them, and you know where there’s an Apple Store near you to go to if it doesn’t work. There’s Google, who makes the core operating system; the device manufacturer, who makes the phone and may add an additional layer of Android modifications; and the wireless carrier (who, again, may add more software to the phone).

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